They can never do without the training, practice, mental conditioning and discipline development if they want to stay successful, competitive, and earn money in their sports.
an account to trade on his/her own is highly risky and would certainly result is losses.
For a person who has no or casual familiarity with the foreign exchange market, opening 
Game of odds
online forum, Internet chat room, or discussion group. 
This website might help many make a difference in their forex and currency future trading results.
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Learn more throughout this website!  Please note that I made an extra effort to make the sections of, as brief as possible.  Therefore, I highly recommend that you read and understand all sections and refer back to them whenever you are in need of support.
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Hayder A. Wahab
Risk Management of Forex and
Currency Future Trading.
Hello and Welcome!

My name is Hayder A. Wahab.  I am the publisher and editor of  The goal of this Website is to present three  (3) ingredients for successful and lasting profit-making currency trading whether in the Forex or Futures market.

These equally important ingredients are:  1.
discipline  2. money management and 3. trading approach.  They are simple enough to remember.  However, adhering to the principals of these ingredients requires constant effort and disciplined work on part of the currency trader.

To assist the trader in maintaining his/her
commitment to using all three ingredients before
placing an order to buy or sell, while in the
market, and after closing the position, I suggest
demo trading.

In addition to online trading the Forex market
with virtual money, the process of demo
trading offers great help in the training of a
trader's psychology and thinking, or in other
words mental conditioning and trading
discipline development.
Thus, very
Golfer practicing on a golf course.
similar in nature to sports.  To perfect their play, professional golf, tennis, football players, and track and field athletes always train and practice before games and off the field to stay in shape and improve their skills mentally and physically.            

Also note that I chose not to discuss Options as instruments used in the risk management of Forex trading and Currency Futures trading.  There are plenty of publications about this subject.


Athlete during training.
Don't panic if the market moves against your trading position.
Currency pairs and their market exchange rates.
Japanese Candles price chart with moving average, MACD, volume, and other technical indicators.

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